Technical Specification

ASIC-CN - EL/VI Tester


12 Focus Inline EL Tester - EL-J12


12 Focus Inline EL + Visual Tester

System Specification - EL-J12

  • Position of testing: Pre-LaminationAfter lamination, After IV tester.
  • Maximum dimensions of module: 2500mm*1400mm, 156mm-166mm18xmm cell Full size6*10/6*12short edge.
  • Module layout: contact busbarhalf size6*10*2/6*12*2middle position contact busbar210mm cell, 1/3 size5*15*2middle position contact.
  • Cycle time: ≤22s.
  • Module transfer direction Dimensions of tester: Long side forward; Face down.
  • Transmission height: 3040mm*2950mm*2160mm (L*W*H), 950mm (±30mm).
  • Type of bearer: Multi-track, Roller transmission.
  • EL optical: 4 camera (Resolution2040*1536/each), 3 times capture.
  • EL defects marking assistance: 4 cameras (Resolution2040*1536/each), 3 times capture
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