Technical Specification

GSola - Sun Simulator


XJCM Series


  •  Long pulse duration: 10ms – 200ms by single flash, in step of 10ms.
  •  Spectrum wavelength: 300-1200nm
  •  Effective Testing area: 2600*1500mm, within 2600*1500mm testing area, light source is A+A+A+ Class.
  •  Cycle time: ≤25s.
  •  Contacting: Manual Cable Connection, 4-core cable.
  •  Calibration: Pmax, Isc, Voc, temperature sensor and IR temperature sensor calibration 1.7 Temperature Co-Efficient Input function in software.
  •  Auto testing data save, MES Interaction function, Module Classification Set, Highlight Displaying one parameters, Alarm, Flash count.
  •  Light Intensity monitoring in testing process
  •  Multi Levels Login account (operator login, maintenance team login)

    Technical parameter
  •  Max. illuminated area:2600mm×1500mm
  •  Type of lamp: Xenon lamp
  •  Lamp lifetime (average no. of flashes): over 600000 flashes at 10ms flash time, over 300000 flashes at 100ms, over 100000 flashes at 200ms
  •  Module sunny side: down
  •  Range of light intensity:200-1200W/㎡
  •  Spectrum wavelength: 300-1200nm
  •  Spectrum match: 0.875-1.125(A+ class at 1000W/m2)
  •  Temporal Instability of irradiance: <1 %( A+ class at 1000W/m2)
  •  Non-uniformity of irradiance: <1 %( A+ class at 1000W/m2)
  •  Repeatability error:<0.3% under 40 continuous test, <0.5% under 1000 continuous test. 2.11 Measurement range: voltage: 1V,10V,50V,100V,200V current:0.25A,1A, 5A,12.5A,20A
  •  Measurement resolution:voltage:0.003%,current:0.003%
  •  Pulse duration: 10ms – 200ms at 200-1200W/m2 light intensity, in step of 10ms. 10-200ms at
  • 1001-1200W/m2 light intensity
  •  Type of measurement: single flash
  •  Dimension:3100mm×1900mm×850mm
  •  Power:220V±10%,10A,50HZ
  •  Configuration: tester + IR temperature sensor + PC+ Display Screen + software + Keyboard + Mouse

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